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The Magnolia

Authors: Richard Lambert

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 9780955127328

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The second publication in The Rialto's 'Bridge pamphlet' Series.


Will you watch the wind blow
white blossom from the treee,
will you watch it blow,

the branches strained with love,
the garden stained with white,
will you watch the wind?

A blackbird leaps into the height
and sings; sky is blue.
Will you watch it blow?

The whiteness is a gift.
Soft, and slow, it opens
on the limbs. Watch it so.

'Richard Lambert's voice carries a stately quietness through the line of his poems without the least sense of contrivance.... He is certainly one to watch.'
Tim Liardet

'The Magnolia marks the emergence of a most attractive and intelligent writer.'
John Mole

'Richard Lambert has an eye for the numinous and an ear for a song which come to expression in these startling, spare poems. There is though in this delicacy an intriguing, expansive and often compassionate vision that makes this a surprising and very impressive debut.'
Greta Stoddart

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