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The Other Side of Glass

Authors: Gail Ashton

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090639

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Gail Ashton has always had the ability to conjure whole lives in a few lines. In her second collection, The Other Side of Glass, those conjuring abilities are joined by a new confidence and maturity as a poet to dazzling effect.

“Precise, writerly, packed with description and wit, Gail Ashton’s poems in this collection are assured and rich. Beautifully spaced, both on the page and in the mind, she insists on an engagement with words, whether an ice-skald riddle or a ditty on the em dash. Her ventures into prose poetry are exciting and intriguing and her command of the single line is admirable...”
Judy Kendall

Gail Ashton is a freelance writer and editor, originally from Birmingham. Her publications include six non-fiction books on poetry, and a biography of Geoffrey Chaucer, Brief Lives: Geoffrey Chaucer (2011). She has co-edited two poetry anthologies and edits a medieval literature series for Continuum. Her collection Ghost Songs was published by Cinnamon Press in 2007.

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