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The Poetry of Pembrokeshire

Authors: Tony Curtis

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854110077

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This anthology of poems traces a journey around the coast of the old county of Pembrokeshire, from the north to the Carmarthenshire border in the east. The poets in it, natives and visitors, celebrate a region of outstanding natural beauty, of scenic landscapes and coast-lines. They also recognise the unique character of Pembrokeshire: Welsh yet 'a little England beyond Wales' too.

Rural, urban and industrial Pembrokeshire are all present. Its history, too, is here, with one poem dating from the seventh century, and there is much awareness of the issues facing the area today. One such issue is the language, and this anthology includes poems translated from the Welsh which give some signs of the Welsh experience of Pembrokeshire. Here is a guide to Pembrokeshire which looks beyond the picture postcards to an individual and intriguing place.
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