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The Prize

Authors: John Siddique

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 9780952744481

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We will work
where they will not.
We will learn
where they refuse.
They talk amongst themselves
say we steal their jobs.
They talk
we work.

John Siddique was born in Rochdale, Lancashire,
in 1964. His mother was from Northern Ireland, his
father left India during the Partition and came to Europe. He
currently lives in West Yorkshire and works as a
freelance writer and has held many residencies
across the UK.

Drawing from his experience coming from a mixed
race family, John’s poems tackle life full on,
covering politics and race and the personal –
childhood and on being a parent, and
relationships, sex and love. With a refreshing
directness, John’s poems take an unblinking look at
what it is to be alive, speaking with a commanding
voice and an appealing honesty. The ideal poet for
twenty-first century Britain.
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