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The Rialto - 57

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 1539402585981

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The UK’s leading independent poetry magazine

* Including new poems by Hans Magnus Enzensberger,
Simon Armitage, Esther Morgan and Joanne Limburg

* Preview of Sean O’Brien’s major new translation
of Dante’s Inferno

* Entry details of The Rialto Young Poets Competition

The Rialto is bigger and better than ever – now 72 pages and with 60 of the best new poems from a wide range of poets. International names like Germany’s Hans Magnus Enzensberger and our own Simon Armitage, alongside work from emerging writers such as Chris Beckett, Tajinder Singh Hayer and America’s Virgil Renfroe. We’ve also a preview of Sean O’Brien’s important new translation Dante’s Inferno. Other features include an interview with Lotte Kramer, who relives her exiled childhood, the must-read Letters Page and Editorial, more Rumours, Books and Events and entry details to our annual Young Poets Competition. What’s happening in contemporary poetry? Read The Rialto.

Hope would be too much to hope for,
but when a double rainbow appears
over the ruins of the ravaged village,
they drop for a few moments
their killing knives
and gaze up while it slowly
before their bloodshot eyes
Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Under a promising moon,
a sky alive with exclamation marks
he talked about the stamp album
bequethed him by his paternal grandfather,
a collection so valuable
he kept it in a locked box at the bank
Irene Rawnsley

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