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The Scale of Change

Authors: Desmond Graham

Published by Flambard Press

ISBN: 9781906601249

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The Scale of Change is the latest collection of poetry by Newcastle-based poet Desmond Graham. Its opening sequence, ‘Class’, moves its focus from the proto-communist ‘Diggers’ of Surrey, through Bewick’s radical Tyneside, and on to a wet St George’s Day in Dover – offering a ‘condition of England’ poem for our times, as light and readable as it is ambitious in scope. The book’s second half, ‘Rembrandt’s Last Pupil’, quietly reveals an aesthetic that proves to be no less political and contemporary. Together the two sections provide the scale on which this collection subtly and poignantly measures change.

"Graham has a way of finding... fugitive rays of light."
Nicholas Murray

"A wide-ranging and accomplished book... with a very fine point and a capacity for empathy which brings the reader so close to the subject that it seems as if we are thinking the poems ourselves."
Peter Bennet, Other Poetry

Until recently, Desmond Graham was Professor of Poetry at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, but is now a full-time writer with homes in Newcastle and southern Germany. Flambard Press has published four previous collections by him, After Shakespeare (2001), Milena Poems (2004), Heart work (2007) and The Green Parakeet (2009), as well as Two Darknesses (1994), a selection by the major Polish poet Anna Kamienska that he co-translated. Heart work was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Desmond Graham is also known as the biographer and editor of the poet Keith Douglas, with works published by Faber and Carcanet, and the author of the sixth in the Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry series, Making Poems and Their Meanings (Bloodaxe, 2007).
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