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The Sheep who Changed the World

Authors: Neil Astley

Published by Flambard Press

ISBN: 9781873226759

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A rumbustious comic fantasy about a cloned ram with human genes who takes on the Establishment

Highly topical and politically subversive

Author shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award in 2002 for The End of My Tether

A mad scientist has given a cloned sheep his own gene for human intelligence. Matching his creator's cunning, the plucky ram educates himself in secret, learning language and human ways while planning his escape from the laboratory. Once at large, he takes on fanatics, terorists, multinationals and the army - as well as Holly, a cloned ewe trained in honeytrap espionage - as he plots the downfall of the Batty fundamentalists in the Men's Republic of Battymanistan who turned his donor parent into doner kebab.

The Sheep Who Changed the World is an outrageously picaresque black-sheep comedy which follows the fortunes and foibles of the crafty ram as he confronts his dual nature as both sheep and man. The sheep soon discovers that the only way to bring the absurd human world into harmony with his own totally logical ovine metaphysics is by getting rid of everything he finds ridiculous.

Neil Astley's second novel is a politically provocative farce, a rollicking romp of a read, in which a talking sheep has the last word and the whole world listens.

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