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The Skin of Mercy

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090578

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In this third collection Dana Littlepage Smith combines extraordinary imagery with quiet but precise observation. The poems here see Smith using her spiritual perceptiveness not abstractly, but to search out innovative visceral details, so that ‘asylum’ ‘may lie / in the light rug this woman carries, / in the frayed edge of cloth / she will wrap herself in’ (‘Sanctuary’) and so that hope ‘lands like the periwinkle blue moth’ (‘Better to travel hopefully’).

“These are poems full of verve and colour, speaking with many tongues from many horizons – a generous brave poetry, unfailingly informed by the heart!”
Pauline Stainer

Dana Littlepage Smith is an American poet whose previous collections are Women Clothed with the Sun (2001) and Black Elk Dances for Queen Victoria (Cinnamon Press, 2007). Her work has been widely anthologised and published in magazines, including Stand and Iota. Dana now lives in Exeter, where she works as a teacher.

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