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The Snake Wand

Authors: Mavis Gulliver

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836224

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Malevolent Witchery is growing. The witches know that The Gift enabled Merry MacQueen to defeat the witches of Tiree and Kerrera. They are seeking revenge and are never far away.
Together with five friends from their ordeal in Gylen Castle, Merryn and Hamish are
given the most difficult task of all. After enlisting the help of strange magical beings they face their three most dangerous adversaries – The Clickfinger Locket, The Grand High Witch and The Snake Wand.
When The Grand High Witch creates the most terrible spell of all, the children, their
friend Kester Witchbane, and The Land of Benevolent Wizardry are plunged into
unimaginable peril.
Who will be involved in the final battle - and who will be victorious?
Aimed at 9-12 year olds, and set in real locations in Scotland, these three Fantasy
Adventures are part of The Hagstone Chronicles.
If you haven’t already read them - look out for Book One, Cry at Midnight and Book Two, Clickfinger.
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