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The Spaces Between

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077140

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Jorge Fondebrider is one of the most brilliant poets of his generation in Argentina, ushering in a new breeze of modernity in the 1980s after the dark days of dictatorship. Here his distinctive tones – melancholic but never sentimental, sometimes outrageous, others laugh-out-loud funny – are beautifully translated into English by Richard Gwyn, opening up a new aspect on the rich literary conversation between Europe and Latin America.

“I think Jorge Fondebrider has been lucky to eventually find, after three decades of activity, such a precise, natural and sensitive translation.” – Andrés Neuman

Jorge Fondebrider was born in Buenos Aires in 1956. His four poetry collections are Elegías (1983), Imperio de la Luna (1987), Standards (1993) and Los últimos tres años (2006). Richard Gwyn has published several collections of poetry, two novels and a memoir, The Vagabond’s Breakfast (Y Lolfa, 2011; ISBN 9780956012555). His translated works of Argentinian poet Joaquín Giannuzzi, A Complicated Mammal: Selected Poems, was published by CB Editions in 2012 (ISBN 9780956735980).

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