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The Sparkling Jewel of Naturism

Authors: Selima Hill

Published by Bloodaxe Books

ISBN: 9781780371030

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The Sparkling Jewel of Naturism brings together three seemingly unrelated poem sequences by ‘this brilliant lyricist of human darkness’ (Fiona Sampson). The poems in each spark off unexpected connections and surprises, despite their contrasting concerns: sisters in Doormat (and being the object of someone else’s jealousy), little girls in Happiness Is Just a Waste of Time, and married women in Blowfly.

Like all of Selima Hill’s work, all three sequences in The Sparkling Jewel of Naturism chart ‘extreme experience with a dazzling excess’ (Deryn Rees-Jones), with startling humour and surprising combinations of homely and outlandish.

‘Arguably the most distinctive truth teller to emerge in British poetry... She is a flamboyant, exuberant writer who seems effortlessly to juggle her outrageous symbolic lexicon…using techniques of juxtaposition, interruption and symbolism to articulate narratives of the unconscious... her work must now, surely, be acknowledged as being of central importance in British poetry.’ – Fiona Sampson, Guardian

‘Hill, more than any other English poet, cranks out angry, impotent, abused and richly surreal Britain. And she is very very funny…fresh, fierce and convincing… A mood-swinging voice, talking to itself rather than to the reader, shows how pain and joy transform the material world’ – Claire Crowther, Poetry London.

‘Her adoption of surrealist techniques of shock, bizarre, juxtaposition and defamiliarisation work to subvert conventional notions of self and the feminine… Hill returns repeatedly to fragmented narratives, charting extreme experience with a dazzling excess’ – Deryn Rees-Jones, Modern Women Poets.

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