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The terrorist at my table

Authors: Imtiaz Dharker

Published by Bloodaxe Books

ISBN: 9781852247355

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The terrorist at my table asks crucial questions about how we live now ñ working, travelling, eating, listening to the news, preparing for attack.

What do any of us know about the person who shares this street, this house, this table, this body? When life is in the hands of a fellow-traveller, a neighbour, a lover, son or daughter, how does the world shift and reform itself around our doubt, our belief?

Imtiaz Dharker's poems and pictures hurtle through a world that changes even as we pass. This is life seen through distorting screens ñ a windscreen, a TV screen, newsprint, mirror, water, breath, heat haze, smokescreen. Her book grows, layer by layer, through three sequences: 'The terrorist at my table', 'The habit of departure' and 'Worldwide Rickshaw Ride'. Each cuts a different slice through the terrain of what we think of as normal. But through all the uncertainties and concealments, her poems unveil the delicate skin of love, trust and sudden recognition.

"Hers is a strong, concerned, economical poetry, in which political activity, homesickness, urban violence, religious anomalies, are raised in an unobtrusive domestic setting, all the more effectively for their coolness of treatment."
Alan Ross, The London Magazine

"Here is no glib internationalism or modish multiculturalismÖ Displacement here no longer spells exile; it means an exhilarating sense of life at the interstices. There is an exultant celebration of a self that strips off layers of superfluous identity with grace and abandon, only to discover that it has not diminished, but grown larger, generous, more inclusive."
Arundhathi Subramaniam, Poetry International
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