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The Turing Test

Authors: Chris Beckett

Published by Elastic Press

ISBN: 9780955318184

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In that moment Lemmy suddenly understood. The house had no physical roof. It had no physical ceilings, no physical upstairs floor, nothing to keep out the physical rain that fell from the physical sky. In the physical world there was no TV here, no fire, no lights, no fluffy rug, no comfy chairs, no Mouser or Dorothy or Lemmy or John, just an empty shell of brick, open to the sky, a ruin among many others, in the midst of an abandoned city.

These fourteen stories, among other things; contain robots, alien planets, genetic manipulation and virtual reality, but their centre focuses on individuals rather than technology, and how they deal with love and loneliness, authenticity, reality and what it really means to be human.

‘Simply put, this is the best time travel story I’ve ever read,’ — Lynda Moorhouse, Tangent Online

Chris Beckett’s first story was published in Interzone in 1990, several of his stories have since appeared among the top three favorites in their annual reader’s polls. His short stories have appeared in Britain, the US, Russia and elsewhere, many published in Interzone and Asmiov’s magazines, Year’s Best anthologies and others. His novel The Holy Machine was published in 2004 to strong reviews. Tony Ballantyne (SF author) declared “Let’s waste no time; this book is incredible.” Chris lives with his wife and family in Cambridge.
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