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The Wardrobe

Authors: Daphne Glazer

Published by Flambard Press

ISBN: 9781873226650

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Here you will find twenty short stories linked, as the title suggests, by the subject of clothes: from bras, knickers and thongs to hats, coats and shoes. In these witty and quirky stories, clothes are potent symbols, often of identity, sometimes of supressed desires.

For some the cut of a T-shirt is crucial. relationships founder on the wearing of a corselet. Romance flourishes over a pair of stockings. The sight of a thong in a leisure-centre changing room indirectly affects the outcome of a blind date. The gift of a coat, a dressing gown, a swimsuit or a jacket can have unexpected and even devastating consequences for the recipient. Clothes are a way of making a statement, although what the wearer intends may not be what the viewer percieves. There is plenty of humour in these compact and very accessible stories but there can also be pathos. One of Daphne Glazer's achievements in this collection is to write as well about men as about women.
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