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Three-three, two-two, five-six

Authors: Ann Drysdale

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614158

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"A masterpiece, striking a perfect balance between the metaphysical, physical, emotional and institutional aspects of serious illness. What makes it extraordinary is not only the brilliance of the writing but also the profundity of Ann Drysdale's love for this man… the balance between love and fear, distance and closeness, observation and empathy, humour and despair… something very rare in literature: great art that is also persuasive advocacy on a matter of the most urgent practical concern."
Professor Raymond Tallis

"An extraordinary account of an all too ordinary experience: the treatment in hospital of an elderly man afflicted with cancer. At heart, this is a love story, told in lucid prose and poetry of often corrosive honesty …reading it is a unique experience."
Herbert Williams

"An extraordinarily moving work. The humiliations and fears are confronted with both painful clear-sightedness and saving humour; the moods are sometimes angry, sometimes loving, sometimes forlorn. It is a powerful indictment of the dehumanising system that is the NHS and of its broken promises. But it is also a record of the conspiratorial generosity extended by individuals within the system. In Three-three, two-two, five-six the poetry is not in the pity, certainly not in any kind of self-pity; it is created rather in the felt tension between human vulnerability and human dignity. This powerful work, beautifully crafted and judged, adds a new range and depth to the already considerable accomplishment of Ann Drysdale’s earlier work."
Glyn Pursglove
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