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Time Lines

Authors: David Underdown

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090387

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Time Lines traces an arc from coming-of-age to maturity, a biographical narrative that avoids solipsism and instead looks out to engage with the wider world: be it the girl on the Chittagong train in Bangladesh, or the effect of climate change on the farmers of Einarsfjord in Greenland.

Beautifully crafted, humanely observed and with an ear for the muscularity as well as the lyricism of language, Time Lines is a richly rewarding debut collection.

David Underdown grew up in various places in England but has lived in the west of Scotland since the late seventies. Twelve years ago he moved with his wife to the village of Corrie on the Isle of Arran; six years ago he concentrated on writing poetry. His poetry appears in the Cinnamon Press anthology Storm at Galesburg (2009), as well as in various anthologies from Leaf, Ragged Raven and Peterloo Poets.
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