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Time Travel Hotel

Time Travel Hotel

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Black McCarthy is despatched to INTERFOLD – The Time Travel Hotel Republic to track down “Eugenides”. His client, the Wolf, is constantly on his back demanding progress as INTERFOLD keeps shifting time and place and throwing up residency and immigration anomalies.

Help of a kind is on hand via the Dwarf with the Horse, the Man Who Fell Through Floors, the Girl With Nine Lives, the Nurse With The Curse, and Joylin – the INTERFOLD receptionist. But who is Eugenides? The Man Who Lived in a Vacuum Cleaner? The Man Who Dreamt He Was Dreaming? One of the other oddball residents of the wayward republic? Is winding up naked in a sauna elevator in the Car Park at Infinity really going to help? Unfortunately for Black, his client is not the only one who wants Eugenides found, Black is possibly the worst detective money can buy and time is not only against him but ignoring all the usual rules.

Beneath the black humour, Time Travel Hotel is an exploration of identity and whether we are defined by a place of origin, residence, citizenship or by the decisions that propel us through life. It is a book about regret and missed opportunities. A book about going back – if only you could.

Also available as an eBook - buy from Amazon here.

“Not so much a whodunnit as a whydunnit or wheredunnit. Gleefully eccentric black humour and loop-the-loop sci-fi detective mayhem, with a cameo from TS Eliot, of course.” 
Sally Jenkinson

“Time Travel Hotel feels like a raft on a white-water river of of joyful anarchy. It’s only as the plot starts to zip past that you find yourself turning your head and thinking, Wait, did that just happen?”
Anna Freeman, author of The Fair Fight