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To Ring in Silence: New and Selected Poems

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781904556879

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With an Introduction by Bernard O'Donoghue.

"Paddy Bushe is a significant and necessary voice in Irish poetry"
The Irish Times

"At last a book that showcases Paddy Bushe's multifaceted poetic talent in both Irish and English. In it we see his intricate identifications with place and time, from a stern critique of Spenser and Ralegh at Smerwick to a wonderful evocation of Li Bai, the great poet of the T'ang dynasty. Section by section, the book builds up a huge metaphoric force until it leaves the reader almost punch-drunk, and all the better for that."
Nuala NÌ Dhomhnaill

"Despite the tough tone of Bushe's poetry, reflecting its material, there is an intelligent sensitivity always at work that does justice to the more tender of human experiences"
The Irish Times

"... the voice adroit and confident, the poems strong, supple, sophisticated and articulate."
Macdara Woods, Poetry Ireland Review

"... an adept handling of form, with a wry awareness of the limitation inherent in any formal discipline"
Peter Denman, Irish University Review

Available in paperback or hardbound editions.

Paddy Bushe was born in Dublin in 1948. A poet who writes in both English and Irish, he has published many poetry collections, among them Poems With Amergin, Teanga, Counsellor, Digging Towards The Light, In Ainneoin nag Cloch, Hopkins on Skellig Michael and The Nitpicking of Cranes. In 2007 Dedalus Press published To Ring in Silence: New and Selected Poems, drawing on all of these earlier collections and including the author's own translations of his own and a number of classic Irish lyrics. Paddy Bushe received the Oireachtas prize for poetry in 2006, and was also the recipient of the 2006 Michael Hartnett Poetry Award. He lives in Co. Kerry.
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