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Turning Away

Authors: Keith McFarlane

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 9781873161159

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From The Window

The moon came up, drew back the pall
and clothed the trees, each twig and branch,
with silver stitched on velvet sky:
the beauty of the living root, why
even in the city’s neon heart
a moment can become eternal.

KEITH McFARLANE is Scots. He grew up in Dunblane, Perthshire, and holds a doctorate in physics from the University of St. Andrews. His interests, in addition to poetry, include the safety of nuclear-power and petrochemical plant. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

"For me, the greatest strength of the poems was their directness and honesty, and I liked the way they were tied together by a web of personal dedications—Naomi, Artémis, Rosemary Mann, the author’s grandmother, and Garry and Lou Duncan. One felt these were poems that mattered very much to their author, and in turn to the dedicatees." — Chris Beaton, Sphinx Chapbook Reviews
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