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Turning Blue

Authors: Benjamin Myers

ISBN: 9781911356004

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Nothing stays hidden forever.

It is the depths of winter in an isolated hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales, and a teenage girl is missing.

Cold Storage dispatches its best man to investigate. Obsessive, taciturn and solitary, DI Jim Brindle is relentless in pursuing justice. But he is not alone in his growing preoccupation with the case. Sacrificing a high-flying career in London, local journalist Roddy Mace finds himself increasingly desperate; this investigation could offer a shot at redemption – but at what cost?

Dark forces are at work. Steven Rutter, a destitute loner with a taste for the grotesque, harbours secrets that will shock even the hardened Brindle. Nobody knows the bleak moors better than Rutter, or their hiding places.

As Brindle and Mace begin to prise the case apart, they find the rot runs far deeper than the ruined Rutter farm; something unspeakable is happening under the skin of the tight-lipped community – and light-entertainer and national treasure ‘Lovely Larry Lister’ has his own hiding places, and his own dark tastes.

A tour de force of plotting and atmosphere, Turning Blue is a terrifying, gripping tale of hidden lives, and hidden deaths.

The first Brindle and Mace investigation.

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