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Under the Radar - 14

Authors: Jane Commane

Published by Nine Arches Press

ISBN: 1417583357

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Poetry by Sophia Argyris, Jean Atkin, Siegfried Baber, Kathleen Bell, Alison Brackenbury, Jake Campbell, Stuart Charlesworth, Geraldine Clarkson, Isobel Dixon, Jennie Farley, Sally Festing, Robert Hamberger, Ailsa Holland, Manon Ceridwen James, Emma Lee, Roy Marshall, Ian McLachlan, Linda Rose Parkes, Isabel Rogers, Mark Russell, Adrian Slatcher, Kathrine Sowerby, Judi Sutherland, Michael Thomas, Pam Thompson, George Ttoouli, David Tunaley, Robin Vaughan-Williams, Owen Vince, Annette Volfing, Anthony Wilson, Geoffrey Winch, James W. Wood.

PLUS Short Stories by: Max Dunbar, Gus Gresham, Charles Wilkinson

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