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Vitus Dreams

Authors: Adam Craig

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077676

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Taking the explorer, Vitus Bering, as its point of departure, this innovative and extraordinary novel explores dreams and waking, reality and loss. Why do we give primacy to waking rather than dream experience? What is the nature of symbol? What might the concept of authorship mean?

Linguistically playful, lyrical and poignant, Vitus Dreams explores these questions through surprising and convincing characters: from Ulysses to John Franklin, from the wives left behind to Vitus Bering himself. Weaving mythology with visually inventive passages, the text ranges from Russia to Bruges, from sea to land, from meta-fiction to concrete poetry.

Adam Craig has been writing tall tales since the age of ten. Since then he has been a music teacher, web designer, photographer, and, briefly, worked at Reliant Motors as a lab technician. Much of that time, he has been writing, but eight years ago he decided to concentrate on creative writing and has been honing his craft since. His short stories have been published in several anthologies. He has published two ebooks of short fables with Cinnamon Press, A wild animal ate a person in the woods and I sit in a boat on the ocean.

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