Waiting for a Warm Body to Fill It

Waiting for a Warm Body to Fill It

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With a cover featuring the renowned art work of international installation artists Lieve Van Stappen and some of the most lucid, skilful and affective poetry ever encountered this is a book that Cinnamon Press is justly proud of. The poetry of Waiting for a Warm Body to Fill It is as delicate as dew on a spider's web and yet has the tensile properties of steel.

Shaped by the forces of nature, it is full of significant reflections that shift with every reading. Filmic, pulsing with life-blood and utterly distinctive, Kentucky poet Kelly Moffett is a new voice not to be missed.

"This book is both an argument with time and a capitulation to sensation, and how strangely and wonderfully the two mirror each other. … Like Hopkins, Moffett knows we are most alive when fully within our bodies, that the only evidence of the eternal is in the sensory details of our day-to-day existence. And yet we yearn for transcendence. … a lovely, intelligent book."
James Harms

"A numinous quietude pervades the beautiful poems of Kelly Moffett. In subtle tones, she mines the complex regions of the self - all the while understanding that history is what we live in language."
Alan Michael Parker

"These are serious and lovely poems, woven from the shimmer and ache of the most essential questions."
Mary Ann Samyn

"Early on in this impressive debut, Kelly Moffett asks, 'After all, how does this God think?' Her poems - these stunning, quixotic lyrics - attempt to answer this question by enacting the daredevil leaps between memory and observation, between the interior and the exterior, between the imagined and the perceived, between the ordinary and the sublime."
Gerry LaFemina

"Throughout… there's an undercurrent of ache and lament, qualities that she never sentimentalizes. Instead, with great precision, she gives us surfaces that both reveal and conceal: 'No one knows how the spirits/got that way. How the wind moves. Why there are spells. Or why it grieved Him to his heart. Humankind.' … I love how these poems resonate, and leave us with a fine aftertaste."
Stephen Dunn