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Water and Power

Authors: Gerard Fanning

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781904556244

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Gerard Fanning was born in Dublin in 1952. A graduate of University College Dublin, he has published three collections of poems with the Dedalus Press: Easter Snow (1992), Working for the Government (1999) and this latest collection, Water & Power (2004).

Gerard Fanning has been the recipient of the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and of the Brendan Behan Award for poetry.

"Fanning's poems... for all their quietude and hesitancy, their off-hand and often offbeat comments, their guarded privacies and sequestered emotions, sing with an elegant intensity"
Conor Kelly, Poetry Review

"The fluent and accomplished Gerard Fanning paces broad fields, an enigmatic surveyor with an appetite for the exotic cullivar"
Katherine Washburn, The Irish Times

"By and large, these are melancholy poems, run through with threads of memory, anxiety, illness and loss. But despite their sobriety, they contains moments of real glory."
Sarah Crown, The Guardian
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