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What the Horses Heard

Authors: Rebecca Gethin

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077218

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In 1912 a life of rearing horses on a Dartmoor farm is soon to be torn apart by war, and Orion, who has sworn an oath never to use a gun, finds himself refused exemption from military service and imprisoned. Meanwhile, his sister Cass, rejected by her fiancé’s family because of her brother’s conscientious objection, applies to work in a Remount Depot, from where horses are transported to the Front. Flouting convention and disguised as a soldier, Cass travels to France with two of the horses, where her experiences threaten to break her.

When peace returns, the threads of life are gradually taken up. Orion returns from a post-war work in Eastern Europe to signs of hope in Dartmoor, but for Cass, who has lost contact with Captain King, the only person who can vouch for the truth of her story, the outlook is less secure and after so much trauma, will she ever be able to reconstruct a life?

Exquisitely observed, this highly charged and affecting novel takes us on an epic journey with larger than life characters and animals that experienced extraordinary brutality during a devastating war, along the way asserting the importance of individual stories against a backdrop of loss on an enormous scale. Humane, poignant and

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