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When Lights Are Bright

Authors: Wes Brown

Published by Dead Ink

ISBN: 9780957698550

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“Maybe the protest is against the future?”

“Is that what protest is?”

A day in Leeds. The English Defence League and anti-globalisation protesters are clashing in the streets. A schoolgirl is missing from a council estate and her parents are on the television. Contrarian journalist, James Oisin, is haunted by her face on the missing posters. He suspects the mother is behind it.

In a story about class, identity and capitalism, James’ search for the missing schoolgirl leads him to confront the truth of his past, the white working class and the consequences of his contrarianism.

For James, anonymity may be the most radical act of all.

When Lights Are Bright is a visceral novel that, as it climbs to its confrontational climax, asks, “Who do we think we are?”

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