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When Then is Now: Three Greek Tragedies

Authors: Brendan Kennelly

Published by Bloodaxe Books

ISBN: 9781852247430

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When Then Is Now brings together Brendan Kennelly's modern versions of three Greek tragedies. All three plays dramatise timeless human dilemmas as relevant now as they were in ancient times. All focus on women whose lives are torn apart by war, family conflict and despotic regimes.

In his preface, Brendan Kennelly describes how writing these three plays helped him enormously at difficult times in his own life. When Then Is Now gives living testament of his belief that "listening to ancient voices can help us confront, understand and express many problems of today".

The Trojan Women:
"One of the most subversive manifestations of dramatic art that has been seen in recent timesÖ subverts the original, which itself was subversive of societal norms in 415 bc, when it was first stagedÖ ancient drama recrafted in contemporary terms about war and men and women, well worthy of the stage of any national theatre."
Irish Times

"Accessible, immediate, urgentÖhis language makes you feel the force of Medea's passions as closely and vividly as Euripides' audiences."
The Guardian

"Marvellously achievedÖ delicately honed, full-bloodedly direct and timeless in its relevance."
Irish Independent

"Brendan Kennelly's new version of Sophocles' Antigone is probably the most substantial Irish drama since W.B. Yeats was writing."
Irish Times

When Then Is Now is published simultaneously with Brendan Kennelly's new book-length poetry sequence, Now.
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