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Without Passport or Apology

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780995563544

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Without Passport or Apology is a book about emigration and immigration, racism and resistance, slavery and freedom. Drawing on thirty years of working as a film-maker in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, Ishaq Imruh Bakari addresses head-on the experience of African-Caribbean migration, for himself and for the millions who constitute the African diaspora around the world. It’s a book about places – Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa, Zanzibar, Paris, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Tanzania. It’s also a book about people – including Marcus Garvey, Aubrey Williams, Stuart Hall, Louis Farrakhan, Martin Carter, Shake Keane and Courtney Pine. Above all it’s an affirmation of the defiant spirit of the runaway African, the Maroon who moves through the world without passport or apology.
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