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Yet We Survive - The Kalinago People of Dominica: Our Lives in Words and Pictures

Authors: Mary Walters

Published by Papillote Press

ISBN: 9780953222421

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This book of text, illustrations and photographs tells the story of a remarkable people. The Kalinago people of Dominica are the last survivors of the indigenous peoples of the region – their ancestors largely wiped out after the European encounter. Nowadays they live in a corner of Dominica as farmers and fishermen, taxi drivers and teachers; they make baskets and build canoes and preserve what is left of their rich cultural legacy. 
With their own words and pictures, this book offers an extraordinary insight into the Kalinago people as they see themselves today: at work and play, shopping, schools, religion, the differences between women’s and men’s lives. It illustrates who they are, how they live, how they see their future.

Mary Walters, the editor of Yet We Survive, is a Scottish teacher and a specialist in community arts projects. She first went to Dominica in 1986 to work on an international children’s project for the Commonwealth Arts Festival. She later led a workshop for young people from the Kalinago Territory; the words and pictures developed in this workshop featured in a touring exhibition (curated by Mary) for Scotland’s international photographic festival “Fotofeis”. From this material she produced this book.

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