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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 3

To get us into the festival spirit here at Inpress we've been looking back at some of our favourite books from 2015. It's...

Our favourites from March are these two collections by female authors.

Rebecca's Choice: Talk You Round ‘Til Dusk by Rebecca Tantony


Every one of us is a complex and beautifully woven fabric of stories, and whether we tell them or not, there are no measuring tapes or weighing scales to speak of their worth.

Talk You Round ‘Til Dusk is a collection of tiny stories and big ideas celebrating the wonder of the moment. It’s about those journeys in a car driving across a desert, or walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, where we discover that what we have is enough. Stories so small they fit in the palm of a hand, yet carry the weight of the world with them. Buy it here.

Yen-Yen's Choice: Kissing Angles by Sarah Fletcher
In this, her first collection, Sarah Fletcher extracts uncommon poetry from common and extraordinary events alike. Dates disappoint in surprising ways. Matadors give way to hairdressers. 21st century life is shadowed by the glamour and squalor of a 20th century that refuses to die. Fletcher’s coyly confessional poetry spurns mid-Atlantic grey and instead places us, shiny, tender, and bruised, in the here and now.