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The Garden of Evening Mists the nation’s favourite second novel from a living author!

Posted on April 06, 2017 by Eleanor Benson | 0 comments

Tan Twan Eng’s outstanding second novel The Garden of Evening Mists has been voted the nation’s favourite second novel (from a living author), overall runner up to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, as reported by the Royal Society of Literature this week. 

On the back of this wonderful news, we are delighted to announce all Myrmidon's titles are now available to order via our website

Spanning a wealth of stimulating reads from science-fiction, thriller, dystopian and futuristic to historical and biographical novels, Myrmidon promises consistent flair in the craft of storytelling. Diverse and evocative, it is no surprise that these beautiful novels and modern cult classics are beloved by the nation.

Amongst their list features The Anatomist’s Dream by Clio Gray which was longlisted for the prestigious Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2016.

Myrmidon pride themselves in being one of the UK’s most influential independent publishers of commercial and literary adult fiction outside of London, offering world class international fiction. Boasting only the best illustrators and graphic designers in the business, their novels are simply a treat to behold.

‘A new press who are really exciting – have a look for them.’ Ian McMillan, The Verb, BBC Radio 3

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Putting Jazz and Memories into Print

Posted on March 06, 2017 by Emily Tate | 0 comments

Talk: Putting Jazz and Memories into Print

Join Ann Cotterrell from Northway Books as she shares insights and anecdotes to illustrate the joys and pitfalls of publishing. 

Northway has published a wide-ranging list of biographies, critical studies and jazz histories. The talk will focus on Ann’s experience as a small publisher, including advice for authors on approaching a publisher and self-publishing, linked to jazz but not exclusively on a jazz theme. The advice will include aspects of editing, design, production, distribution and new media.

The talk will be chaired by Nick Clarke, a trustee of the National Jazz Archive, and accompanied by a display of books from the Archive’s extensive collections.

The talk is part of the 2017 Essex Book Festival

Saturday 11 March
National Jazz Archive, Loughton Library

Tickets: £7 (£5 for 27 years and under)
Booking: Mercury Theatre on 01206 573948 or https://experiencetickets.co.uk/project/ann-cotterrell-northway-books-hosted-by-the-national-jazz-archive/?spektrix_bounce=true

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New to Inpress: Butcher's Dog Magazine

Posted on January 13, 2017 by Rebecca Robinson | 0 comments

Butcher’s Dog is a biannual magazine, celebrating poetry and aspiring to encourage poets from the North East of England in particular. However, the 8 issues of Butcher’s Dog up to date have always included a wide range of talented poets from different places and backgrounds.

Seven North East based poets, who had all previously received the Northern Writer’s Award, congregated, under the guidance of Claire Pollard. Conversation soon moved towards starting a new poetry magazine and Butcher’s Dog is the delightful product of this conversation. Claire Malcolm, as Chief Executive, agreed that New Writing North would oversee the publication. Butcher’s Dog is also funded by Arts Council England.

The A5 publication is minimal once you open the often colourful and inviting front covers. Inside, there is a handwritten number to indicate which of the 300 printed yours is, making the experience of owning one of these magazines as unique as the poetry on the coming pages.

You can browse and buy all of the Butcher’s Dog issues here. For a limited time, customers who order the latest copy will receive a backlisted issue or free!

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IRON Press Awarded ACE Grant to Bring Back Festival for a Third Year

Posted on January 09, 2017 by Rebecca Robinson | 0 comments
Stormy Sea at Cullercoats by John Falconar Slater, North Tyneside Council Art Collection

There’s dancing in the streets of Cullercoats today with news that Arts Council England have award IRON Press a grant of £14,500 towards their programme of new books and a third IRON Press Festival. The grant will go towards the publication of eleven new books during the next two years and also ensure that the IRON in the Soul Festival will take place as planned this June.

“This is brilliant news.” said IRON Press editor Peter Mortimer. “Eleven writers can sleep easier in their beds and the fine coastal village of Cullercoats can brace itself for a third festival.”

Several new IRON Press books will be unleashed at  the festival including Cold Iron - 21st Century Ghost Stories with a midnight launch at the magnificent St. George’s Church, whose imposing seafront presence is a Cullercoats landmark.

Inpress will be hosting a literary quiz as part of the festival, so stay tuned for more information!

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The Poetry Business Sweep the Board in The Poetry School’s Books of the Year

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Rebecca Robinson | 0 comments
The Poetry School’s 26 books of 2016 have been revealed; with Inpress publishers riding high.

The Poetry Business, Peepal Tree Press, Penned in the Margins, and The Emma Press were all recognised in the list of 26 books chosen by the Poetry School staff who said, "Although not, by popular consensus, a brilliant year generally, 2016 has been a good year for poetry: sales of poetry books topped £10m for the first time, a poet – Warsan Shire – featured on Beyonce’s latest album, Penguin reopened its poetry list, and, for the second year in a row, the Forward Prizes were cleaned up by women. The BBC even gave over a whole Saturday evening to poetry with Railway Nation: A Journey in Verse."
"Trend-wise, it’s been all about long poems and small publishers, difficult, avant-garde collections that open up with patient reading, and lyrical, political calls to action. Indeed, it seems the very terribleness of this year’s events has been the catalyst for poetry’s resurgence, with poems like Maggie Smith’s Good Bones and Ross Gay’s A Small Needful Fact capturing the grieving but defiant mood of the year best."

The list in full can be found here, but as far as we're concerned these are the real winners:

Sunshine by Melissa Lee-Houghton (Penned in the Margins)
Wife by Tiphanie Yanique (Peepal Tree)
CAIN by Luke Kennard (Penned in the Margins, reprinting)
Spitting Distance by Mark Pajak (The Poetry Business)
Dora Incites The Sea-Scribber to Lament by Geraldine Clarkson (The Poetry Business)
Complicity by Tom Sastry (The Poetry Business)
There Was And How Much There Was by Zeina Hashem Beck (The Poetry Business)
Trouble by Alison Winch (Emma Press)

You can buy all four Poetry Business pamplets here.

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