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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 7

To get us into the festival spirit here at Inpress we've been looking back at some of our favourite books from 2015. It's...

Two fantastic collections of poetry from July.

Rebecca's Choice: Talking to the Dead by Gordon Hodgeon

Following a series of unsuccessful operations on his spine, the poet Gordon Hodgeon has ben confined to his bed, unable to move his arms and legs or breathe without the help of a ventilator. He recently has lost the power of speech. Today he can only communicate with the outside world by blinking at a Dynavox computer screen.

Nonetheless, Hodgeon has continued to write, recording the changing seasons of his disability and the changeless seasons outside his window. The result is this extraordinary series of poems from the furthest edge of human endurance. 

Buy it here


Yen-Yen's Choice: You're So Vain You Probably Think This Book Is About Youby Pete Knaggs
A poetic landscape populated by quietly seething factory workers, domestic mermaids in bath chairs, foot fetishists in Scunthorpe book shops, exuberant van drivers blasting Showaddywaddy on the tape deck. Welcome to a world that holds a fractured mirror to the seemingly mundane scenery around us, a singularly slanted worldview that imbues the everyday with a deliciously skewed and subtle magic.
You may not think this book is about you – but it probably is.

Buy it here.