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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 9

To get us into the festive spirit here at Inpress we've been looking back at some of our favourite books from 2015. It's...

Some riveting reads from September! 

Rebecca's Choice: The Shark Cage by Laura Seymour

In a series of beautifully structured sequences, Laura Seymour deploys an extraordinary linguistic dexterity; muscular yet tender, precise and inventive, conjuring images that brim with surprise. So hair is ‘a fistful of needles’ (The National Grid) or a ‘room fills with loose organs / of straw’ (Mick) and ‘’The sea is a cage of ferrets’ (Where Did You Get That Lipstick?)

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Yen-Yen's Choice: The Boy in the Mirror by Tom Preston

In January 2011, aged 21, Tom Preston was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced aggressive lymphoma. His chances of survival were optimistically placed at around 40%. This short, autobiographical work tells the story of the fight in the months that followed – but this is no ordinary cancer memoir.

The Boy in the Mirror is written in the second person – so the events in this book are happening to you, the reader, living through the hope, love, suffering, death and black comedy encountered by Tom during the battle to save himself.

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