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Inpress Celebrates World Book Day

The Inpress office today celebrated World Book Day, with varying levels of zeal. Sophie came dressed as the bear from I Want My Hat Back, a charming story about a millinophilic beast who uses murderous force to regain stolen property. She said, "I love this book. I have read it many, many, many times to my little girl and it never fails to entertain both of us. So much drama packed into so few pages and with so few words. It’s a piece of pure genius." You can tell by the far-away look in her eyes that she's recalling fond memories.
Yen-Yen came as Serena from Gossip Girl, the character from the book not the TV show, although it wouldn't matter either way because we're not in the business of policing how people choose to express themselves. She said, “Gossip Girl was one of my favourite series to read (and watch) when I was at school. I found it so easy to relate to the characters, except my wardrobe was not filled with designer dresses, my classmates were much kinder, and sadly, the fictional Nate Archibald was not my boyfriend.” One day, Yen-Yen!
I (Rebecca) came as Cassandra from I Capture the Castle, which may not look like much of a costume but I am very much the casual end of business casual on any normal work day. Despite encouragement from Sophie, I'm not currently on the roof reading poetry naked, but there's still time. It's not just my favourite children's book, it's one of my favourite books of all time.
Emily's impressive costume was a real labour of love, and although she had been up toiling late into the night to get it ready she still managed to find the strength to share a few words about her favourite childhood book, "Willy and Hugh was a big favourite of mine when I was young, so much so I’ve lent it to Sophie’s little girl to enjoy. It still says ‘This Book Belongs to Emily Tate’ in the front though! It’s a lovely story with morals galore, of how a small and shy chimp (Willy) makes friends with a big, but polite, gorilla (Hugh). Here is me dressed (with no expense spared) as Buster Nose – not my favourite character, but a very aptly named ape who attempts to come between the unlikely new friends."

Happy World Book Day everyone!