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The Emma Press Anthology of Fatherhood

This anthology is a touching cacophony of poems about fatherhood. This little book holds a selection of powerful pieces from poems written about fathers, both in remembrance and thanks, to poems written by fathers about their fathering experience. The anthology is sympathetically and sparsely scattered with illustrations which complement the sentimentality of the poems. Father’s Day isn’t for a few months but it’s always a good time to reminisce about and appreciate a father figure fatherhood itself.  


Between his first and third heart attack
passed my father’s Summer of Love.
An unknown younger man came back:

My ear-ring was no longer mocked
- nor the tattoo of an arrowed dove –

Between his first and third heart attack.

- ‘Digitalis’ by Martin Malone  


‘It’s difficult to avoid the adjectives ‘moving’ and ‘touching’ when commenting on many of these poems, but to their credit they are rarely sentimental and some do portray less than perfect relationships. […]  While many address the angsts and anxieties of being a father, and how easily a child can be hurt, most are joyful and the exuberance of twenty-first century fathers contrasts with the buttoned-up-ness of many of their earlier incarnations portrayed here.’ — Jacqui Rowe for Bare Fiction

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