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The Fetch by Gregory Leadbetter

The broad spectrum of form, genre and content in Leadbetter’s poems make The Fetch, Gregory Leadbetter's first full collection, a captivating read. The poems are constructed with precision and care woven into each word; his phrasing and rhythm remaining tight and specific throughout. Leadbetter’s topics range from life and death to love, to the supernatural and magical. A collection to read when you’re in the mood for all sorts of poetry.


I know it was a blessing

when she landed like a fly on my forehead

as I was trying to write,

her cicada rustle scribbling in and out

before the flick of my hand sent her to hide

in the plumbing, where she whined for weeks

until I found her, toad-shy and morning-blind

in the kitchen sink. I held her, for the first time then,

revived her with what has become her favourite wine.

- 'Imp' by Gregory Leadbetter


‘Leadbetter’s poems are finely-made and quietly powerful – every word is the right word. But they can also be deceptive and unsettling, showing us the darkness at the edges of our everyday lives. As he puts it in ‘The Departed’: “I see what the part of me that died has seen.”’ – Patrick McGuinness


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