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Did you read many great books during the summer? Here come more!
Check out the Inpress' world fiction list from 23rd September to 22nd December 2019 to beat the seasonal blues!
Loop by Brenda Lozano. Charco Press

Loop by Brenda Lozano (8th October, Charco Press)
A love story narrated from the point of view of a sort of contemporary Penelope, a woman waiting for her boyfriend to return from a trip to Spain. Instead of knitting only to unknit, she writes and erases her thoughts in a notebook.


Coma - Life in Another Time by Arturo Croci. Patrician Press.

Coma – Life in another time by Arturo Croci (9th October, Patrician Press)
An intriguing account of what happens to a mind in a drug-induced state: anything is possible, imagination is everything, the distinction between reality and unreality is no longer apparent.

An Orphan World by Giuseppe Caputo. Charco Press.

An Orphan World by Giuseppe Caputo (24th October, Charco Press)
A book about poverty and the resourceful ways in which people confront poverty, a reflection about the body as a space of pleasure and violence and, above all, a brutally honest love letter between a father and a son.


Of Strangers and Bees by Hamid Ismailov. Tilted Axis Press. 

Of Strangers and Bees. A Hayy ibn Yaqzan Tale by EBRD Literature Prize winner Hamid Ismailov (24th October, Tilted Axis Press)
The new novel from the author of The Devil’s Dance. Uzbek writer in exile Sheikhov follows in the footsteps of the medieval polymath Avicenna, who shaped Islamic thought and science for centuries. While plying the same route, his troubles are distinctly modern as he endures the petty humiliations of exile.


The End. And Again by Dino Bauk. Istros Books

The End. And Again by Dino Bauk (24th October, Istros Books)
A novel about war, romance and rock ‘n’ roll taking us back to Ljubljana and the Balkans in late 1980s and early 1990s through the reminiscences of an embittered bureaucrat, a corrupt manager and an eternal runaway.


Billiards at the Hotel Dobray by Dušan Šarotar. Istros Books.
Billiards at the Hotel Dobray by Dušan Šarotar (25th October, Istros Books)
The Hotel Dobray in Murska Sobota in northern Slovenia was once the gathering place of townspeople of all nationalities and social strata. Things change during WWII, particularly for Isaac, a young, gifted violinist who is to perform his first solo concert on his bar mitzvah and 13th birthday, on 26th April 1944.


Every Fire You Tend by Sema Kaygusuz. Tilted Axis Press. 

Every Fire You Tend by Sema Kaygusuz (5th November, Tilted Axis Press)
A densely lyrical and allusive novel grappling with the various inheritances of genocide, gendered violence and historical memory, inspired by the 1938 genocidal massacre in southeast Turkey.


The Adventures of China Iron by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara. Charco Press. 

The Adventures of China Iron by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, author of Slum Virgin (14th November, Charco Press)
A unique rewriting of the story of gaucho Martín Fierro from José Hernández’s epic poem from a feminist, LGBT and postcolonial point of view, charting the adventures of Fierro’s abandoned wife. A reformulation which is both humorous and critical of how societies come into being and how they venerate mythical heroes.


Exposition by Nathalie Léger. Les Fugitives.
Exposition by Nathalie Léger, author of Suite for Barbara Loden
(5th December, Les Fugitives)
A fascination with the Countess of Castiglione’s life and death led the writer and curator Nathalie Léger to weave together this inspired and imaginative biography of a woman who was over-exposed but never really understood in her own era.

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