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Is your summer reading list ready? 
In case still you need a few tips, here is our world fiction list from 21st June to 23rd September. Intriguing and innovative books from all over the world brought to you by our outstanding independent publishers - do not miss a single one!
Selfies by Sylvie Weil, translated by Ros Schwartz (Les Fugitives) - Taking selfies is not the exclusive preserve of millennials. 
25th June 2019.
Transfer Window by Maria Gerhardt, translated from Danish by Lindy Falk van Rooyen (Nordisk Books) - A utopian vision of the wealthy suburbs north of Copenhagen as a luxurious hospice.
27th June 2019.
The Wind That Lays Waste by Selva Almada, translated by Chris Andrews (Charco Press) - A philosophical, beautiful, and powerfully distinctive novel by a talented author from Argentina.
9th July 2019.
Wild Woman by Marina Sur Puhlovski, translated from Croatian by Christina Pribichevich-Zoric (Istros Books) - A story about the attempt to love and thrive set in 1970s Croatia.
15th July 2019. 
The Yogini by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay, translated by Arunava Sinha (Tilted Axis Press) - Homi is a young woman whose middle-class life in Kolkata is disturbed to the point of disintegration when she becomes obsessed with a yogi – and the idea of fate. A hallucinatory and explosive sensual novel interrogating the space between fantasy and reality.
New from the author of Panty and Abandon.
25th July 2019.
The Trap by Ludovic Bruckstein, translated by Alistair Ian Blythe (Istros Books) - The collected works of Bruckstein, revealing a rich world of Jewish culture from northern Romania.
15th September 2019.
This Tilting World by Colette Fellous, translated by Sophie Lewis (Les Fugitives) - Tunisia, June 2015: facing the sea at night, in the aftermath of a friend’s death and of the terrorist attack on the beach of Sousse, a woman attempts to take stock. In a heart-broken adieu that is also a love letter to her native country, the memory of her late father resurfaces and, with it, the story of Tunisia’s Jewish community.  
16th September 2019.

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