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Poem of the Week - ‘My Trouble with Line Breaks’ by Kate Fox

Posted on September 08, 2015 by Pete Hebden | 1 comment


Breathe then
and here
as you mouth the words in your head
then tell me again my poems are oral,
yours are for the page.
Let’s hear the respiration of your synapses,
St Augustine’s inaudible laugh.


Performance poet extraordinaire Kate Fox lets off a little steam about the distinctions made between “page poetry” and “spoken word” in this week’s poem, which is the opening of her 2014 collection Fox Populi (Smokestack Books), described as ‘a hilarious...  bi-lingual cross between Stand-up Comedy and Sit-down Poetry’.

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  • Morgan

    There is actually phgohoraptic literature to be read about using yourself as the subject of a photo shoot to tell a story- I will refresh my memory and find the material- but I earmarked it o ly because I have started using myself in the poetry videos instead of reading to a piece of artwork.And also being able to change/ create/ photoshop tour look and setting.I would love to take on a similar project myself one day. You really do have to know & look at yourself honestly..


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