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Poem of the Week - ‘Shhhhh’ by Scott Tyrrell


The ace is still up my sleeve.
The cat is still in the bag.
The rabbit is not yet away.
This pole still flies no flag.
There’s a bombshell bursting to emit.
There’s a don’t push button with my name on it.
There’s a mushroom cloud clamouring to go Kaboom.
There’s a bloody big elephant in the room.

I’ve got something that’s rocked my world.
Eyes will pop when this flag’s unfurled.
It’ll shake you up, it’ll knock you flat.
It’s gigantic, it’s juicy, it’s fresh and fat.
You’ll want to tell, you’ll want to know.
You’ll want to see what’s on this plateau.
I’ve got something in my pocket, you know.
I’m not just enjoying the show.

It’s something that will make things far more fun.
It’s burning a hole on the tip of my tongue.
My barriers, my belts could come undone.
With a few words I could drop a tonne
Of shock and awe if I just confess.
It’s making me a feverish mess.
Do I let go my taut and fraying reserves?
And let it slip and free my nerves?
The sweat on my brow’s just unlocking the door.
The lever’s moving, do I dare say more?
I can feel it turning.
My palms are wet.
My strength is failing.
It’s beyond the fret.
I can hold back no longer.
Seems destiny’s set.
Should I tell you my secret?

Not yet.



Taunting, witty, and cleverly structured. Scott Tyrrell’s poetry is often all of these things. Not surprising, coming from the winner of BBC’s Edinburgh Festival Poetry Slam 2015. This poem features in Grown Up.

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