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Poem of the Week - 'Communication' by Eileen Jones

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Yen-Yen Lu | 0 comments


I know that I know what I know
I don’t know if you know what I know.
If you don’t, then should I let you know what I know?
What if you want to know but you’re not mean to know what
I know?
Or you are meant to know but you’re not meant to know it
from me?
I don’t know.
Do you know that I know what I know?
And if so,
Should I know what I know, do you know?
In this organisation
There’s one consolation:
I know that I know what I know. 



I know that you know that I know I could carry on like this for a while. But I’ll leave it to Eileen Jones, whose cleverly structured lines and conversational tone create a flow in this poem. From her first full collection The Pale Handbag of the Apocalypse, which is available to order on our website. 

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