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Poem of the Week - 'Little Winter Theater' by Nancy Kuhl

Little Winter Theater

January between us perfectly
ordered box, little winter theater,

tiny ambition: violet-blue violets
palm-flat books, silver dollars,

and dolls with lips drawn tight
(don't you find it captivating, this

locking of the jaw?). Narrow
window - sparrows and wind

rising and finaly snow; unlaced
shadows, dread and sensibility

we reach across. Your hands
certain - immediate

flawless wrist, wrist - you lift 
the box's curiosities:

one little book examines the complex
erotics of claustraphobia; one studies

the innocent murmur behind
once-broken, healed-crooked ribs.

With the festive season upon us, I thought this poem would be a great choice with its deeper examination into the complexities that winter brings. From the collection Little Winter Theater which is available to order on our website.  

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