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Poem of the Week - 'Rush Hour Crush' by Amy McAllister

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Yen-Yen Lu | 0 comments

Rush Hour Crush

To the average-looking man
Of average height and average build
Who boarded the train at London.
I was the lady with a face,
Wearing clothes and being on the train -
It was so GREAT!

If you have a life-affirming moment
With a lovely stranger on your carriage,
Take a risk and ask them out.
One day, your children might have names like
Upminster and Heathrow Terminal Four.

Other than overpriced travel fares and the lack of bus queues, another thing I miss about London are all the 'life-affirming moments' with strangers on the Tube, captured perfectly in this poem. 

 Amy McAllister's debut collection Are You As Single As That Cream...? is full of wonderfully witty poems such as the above. Her energetic voice finds humour in the most ordinary experiences. 

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