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Poem of the Week - 'I am' by Amir Darwish

I am

I am a chicken tikka masala in a Sunday night take-away for lovers.
I am Mohammed to my Parisian friends but Jacques on my CV.
I am a Friday night doner kebab after a good night out. 
I am a taxi driver ready to pick up and drop you on a cold winter day.
I am a London sheesha smelling of apple.
I am an off-license shop with a pint of milk ready for tea when guests
I am hot-to-touch 
naan bread.
I am a little boy who cannot understand why my school-friends won't
  play with me anymore.
I am a New York pizza delivery boy who is spat at when I deliver food.
I am a young girl who has taken off the 
hijab in order to feel safe.
I am an old man who has started to shave my beard.
I am a grandmother who has exchanged the 
zari for a pair of jeans.
I am a mosque with broken windows.
I am a Muslim.
I am not a terrorist.

This powerful poem is one of my favourites from Amir Darwish's debut collection Don't Forget the Couscous. Strong statements and evocative language, this poem achieves an empowering voice. 

Don't Forget the Couscous is available to buy on our website. Read our interview with Amir here.

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