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Banipal Magazine - Issue 10 & 11 (Double)

Banipal Magazine - Issue 10 & 11 (Double)

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Nos. 10/11 Spring 2001/ Summer 2001

22-page feature, with appreciations, profiles and poems, on Moroccan poet Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine. Interviews with author Tayeb Salih and poet Abbas Beydhoun. Poems by Adonis, Etel Adnan and 11 others. Works by Abdallah Laroui, introduced by Kamal Abdellatif, and novelist Halim Barakat introduced by Bassam Frangieh.



FEATURE ON Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine
with translations by: Marilyn Hacker, Hédi Abdel-Jaouad, James Kirkup,
Martin Wilmot Bennett and Nadia Benabid;

tributes and discussion from J M Le Clézio, Jean-Paul Michel, Jean Orizet, Abdellatif Abboubi, Pierre Joris, Samuel Shimon

Abdallah Laroui: Excerpt from the novel Papers
with profile by Kamel Abdellatif

with Abbas Beydhoun Writing the language of absence
conducted by Camilo Gomez-Rivas

Etel Adnan: Text Further on . . .
Halim Barakat: Excerpt from the novel The Crane
Bassam Frangieh and Roger Allen: Afterword to The Crane
Khaled Mattawa: Poems
Mohammed al-Ghozzi: Poems
Hassan Ben Othman: Excerpt from the novel Promosport
Rachida el-Charni: Short stories Life on the Edge and The Furnace
Hassouna Mosbahi: Excerpt from the novel Tarshish Hallucation

with Tayeb Salih conducted by Mohammed Shaheen
with excerpt from Season of Migration to the North

Habib Tengour: Poems
Taleb al-Refai: Short stories The Statue, The Sidra and The Seafront
Salima Saleh: Short stories The Wheat Watchmen and The Enemy
Nora Amin: Excerpt from the novel The Empty Pink Shirt
Iman Mersal: Poem The Clot
Abdel-Monem Ramadan: Poems
Lukman Derky: Poem Guests who stir up the dust
Ghalya al-Said: Poems
Buthayna al-Nasiri: The short story of Samah
Salah el-Moncef: Al Dente Excerpt from a novel in progress
Suad al-Kawari: Poems
Seema Atalla: Poems
Ahmed El-Shahawy: Poems from The Book of Death
Nacera Mohammedi: Poems

Adonis’ Collage Exhibition: Alain Jouffroy writes on the collages
Adonis: Poem Travel guide to the forest of meaning
translated by Marilyn Hacker with Vénus Khoury-Ghata

Margaret Obank: Under the Naked Sky – Short Stories
from the Arab World, trans. Denys Johnson-Davies
Ignacio Cembrero: Talking with Cannibales author Mahi Binebine
Samir el-Youssef: I Saw Ramallah by Mourid Barghouti
James Kirkup:
Chants de la Folie de l’Etre poems by Kadhim Jihad, and
Anthology: The Poetry of Arab Women ed. Nathalie Handal
Mona Zaki The Cairo House by Samia Serageldin