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Abigail A. Zammit

Abigail Zammit was born in Malta in 1976. She has worked as a piano-accompanist, a builder, an English teacher and a waitress. She wrote Voices From The Land Of Trees after working in Guatemala in 2003. She lives in Kent. Excerpt from interview with the Morning Star - [url=http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/index2.php/free/culture/arts/interview__3]morningstar[/url] ...Abigail Zammit recently visited Guatemala with the Roman Catholic charity Mission Fund. She was there to help build the first floor of a hospital for disabled children in Jalapa. Zammit was, she says, "touched by the people's generosity and lightness of spirit in the face of poverty and suffering." She began to discover the shocking history of the country since the US-engineered coup which overthrew the democratically elected government of President Arbenz in 1954. "The US has done very little to relieve poverty and social problems in Latin America," she observes, "while it has always found money to fund civil war and overthrow regimes that challenged its own interests. The US public was bombarded with anti-communist propaganda to gain support for its backing of the Guatemalan army, when all that was really at stake was the interests of United Fruit." What shocked Zammit most was the fact that so many people in Europe are still ignorant of these events. She knew immediately that she wanted to write about what she had seen and heard in Guatemala, to contribute to the process of breaking the international silence.
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