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Modern Poetry in Translation (Series 3 No.11) Frontiers

Modern Poetry in Translation (Series 3 No.11) Frontiers

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Every issue of MPT crosses frontiers. Contributions come in from all over the world. Copies go out world-wide. Whatever their subjects, the translations themselves, out of many languages, cross frontiers of space and time.

MPT 3/11 concentrates on that essential act, and makes connections of many kinds - of going-betweens and crossings-over.

There are frontiers between species, countries, creeds, classes and generations; between the sexes, between life and death, between then and now… And poetry has always gone out to these boundaries, to survey them and to cross them. Some passages are customary and welcome; others are more like smuggling and transgression... Some borders are open; others are walled, barb-wired and mined…

Contains previously untranslated poems by Bertolt Brecht.



Oliver Reynolds, ‘Curtain’ (after Brecht)

Aviva Dautch, ‘Ghazal’

Kathryn Maris, variations on ‘Atonement’

David Hart, ‘At the Edge’

Carol Rumens, five poems

Philippe Jaccottet, five poems, translated by Alastair Thomson

Hubert Moore, ‘Write-to-Life’

‘After 209’, translated by Nasrin Parvaz and Hubert Moore

Hubert Moore, three poems

Sasha Dugdale, ‘At the Edge’

Jane Draycott, from Pearl

Olivia McCannon, ten poems

Mark Leech, ‘Shadow Economy’ (after ‘The Husband’s Message’, anon. 9th-10th century)

Stephen Watts, ‘Nonno’

Timothy Adès, three translations

Shinjiro Kurahara, ‘The Fox’, translated by William Elliott and Katsumasa Nishihara

Fitzgerald Kusz, ‘love’, translated by Shon Arieh-Lerer

Heinz Ehemann, two poems, translated by Shon Arieh-Lerer

Raymond Foster, ‘The Garden of God’

Jennie Feldman, two poems

Ariel Zinder, ‘Bricks’, translated by Jennie Feldman

Thomas Rosenlöcher, four poems, translated by Ken Cockburn

Reiner Kunze, ‘The Wall’, translated by Robin Fulton

Robin Fulton, four poems

Robert Hull, three poems and three translations

Georgi Gospodinov, eight poems

Wilhelm Bartsch, ‘Three leaves from the album of German Romanticism’, translated by Tom Cheesman

Juan Gelman, ‘Nightingales Again’, translated by J.S.Tennant

J.S.Tennant, ‘The Sleeper in the Valley’ (after Rimbaud)

Brecht, ten poems, translated by David Constantine


Belinda Cooke, on translations of Jean Cassou and Aldo Vianello
Charlie Louth, on the Bachmann-Celan correspondence

Josephine Balmer, Further Reviews