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A hugely energetic rumination on politics, family and fiction, Non-Return traces the life of a technical draughtsman and writer, following his efforts to reconcile his art and his everyday life.

Interspersed with exquisitely-written short fictions, this is a novel about fatherhood, work, memory, the disempowerment of the individual, and the significance of protest - most keenly explored in the death of the narrator's wife, a resident of the Greenham Common peace camp.

Non-Return is a dazzlingly innovative work of fiction from an ambitious, politicised, and deeply humane writer.

‘What drives him are ideas. Ideas are the organs – liver, kidneys, heart, brain – that keep his new novel living and breathing’ New Welsh Review, Summer 2006 by Richard Poole.

"One of the most skilful writers of our age"
Review of Contemporary Fiction

"Non-Return is really many novels, all of them hard to put down."
Russel Hoban

"One of the most imperiously intelligent fiction-writers alive"
Neal Ascherson

Dai Vaughan is one of the most highly-regarded documentary film editors to have worked in Britain. His previous novels include Moritur and The Cloud Chamber. He is also the author of For Documentary: 12 Essays.