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Banipal Magazine

The ever-open window on contemporary literature from the Arab world

Banipal is an independent literary magazine, founded in 1998 by Margaret Obank and Iraqi author Samuel Shimon, publishing today's authors and poets from all over the Arab world in English translation. Its three issues a year present established and emerging Arab authors and poets in English for the first time through poems, short stories or excerpts from novels, and also include author interviews, profiles and book reviews. Each issue is themed and well illustrated with author photographs. While much of the Arab world is plunged into chaos with wars and devastation, sectarian divisions, repression and censorship, the Arab literary side of life remains essentially modernist, secular, progressive and enlightened, speaking out for the marginalised – and needing to be heard across the world, taking its place alongside other world literatures.

   “Not merely a bridge between two cultures but . . . a laboratory that illuminates the styles of modern Arabic writings” – Adonis

Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature
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