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Between The Lines

Between the Lines is an imprint of The Waywiser Press that specialises in publishing in-depth interviews with senior contemporary poets. While the average literary interview is perhaps 1,500 words long, set aside as quickly as the journal in which it is published, Between the Lines provides interviews of on average 25,000 words, and as such promise a much longer shelf life.

Accompanied by career sketches, uncollected poems, full-scale bibliographies (giving details of both primary and secondary literature), and several pages of quotations from critics and reviewers, the interviews constitute what the critic Neil Corcoran has called “essential reading for admirers of these poets ... vigorous, illuminating and sometimes surprising adjuncts to the work itself”.


Between the Lines
Christmas Cottage,
Church Enstone,
Chipping Norton,
Oxfordshire OX7 4NN, UK

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